About Me


Hi guys!

My name is Niki. I'm 21 years old and I’ve lived in a small town just outside of North Cascades in WA my whole life, explaining my love for the outdoors. I always find myself making time for adventure whether it's taking a week off for a roadtrip, doing a quick sunset hike, backpacking over night or just randomly getting in my car to explore forest roads. The mountains are home.

I picked up a camera a few years ago, not knowing it would put me where I am now. I never dreamt that I'd see as many places as I have, want to share my adventures as much as I do, or that I'd meet so many amazing people along the way.

I work almost full time at a coffee stand where I’m lucky enough to get time off to do what I love most. Which is sharing my travels now; through blogging, my photos, short films, vlogs and story telling. 

Here you’ll find all of it the remnants of my heart and soul left along the road.

A lot of my reasoning for having a blog is to never miss a moment of life, to never forget it by slowing it down and trapping it in a little time capsule. Writing about it and re reading it later on, almost before you forget and so you never do.

What to expect on Lost in a Dream:

I love sharing my own trips as a source for inspiration, providing helpful guides/tips to make your travels happen, photo diaries, thoughts from the road and more.

I’m humbled to have this little corner of the internet to call my own. So thank you for being here and being Lost in a Dream with me!


You also might be wondering..

What is “Lost in a Dream” - Where did You come up with it?

When I first started my blog I had a different brand (Still really love that name so I don’t want to share it lol) But I remember describing my experiences out in nature and on the road to someone.. I stumbled upon my words since I couldn’t describe it with anything in me. All the words I’ve accumulated in my 21 years of life and still not enough to describe my travels, connection with nature or the freeness I feel.. I just remember closing my eyes replaying all my own memories back in my head. Saying “It’s like I’m just Lost in a Dream out there”.. I went home that night and changed my whole blog. It’s the closest description I’ve ever come up with to explain my feelings while traveling.


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