riding the carefree highway

I remember one of my customers telling me that life moves fast when it’s going good. Man, was he right. Guess it’s a good thing though. So here I am again.. Staring at my laptop, with my journal beside me and all these little scribbles of notes and short feelings I had along the road. Trying to piece it together again and write this journey I just went on as raw and real as possible. It was special. Real special. All of life feels that way lately though and I think it’s because I’m just letting everything create me.. I met a lot of people along the road - still strangers but conversations that were meaningful enough I’m still thinking about a week later, visited places that the road took me to and ended up being some of my favorite memories and got that feeling of being back to myself. 5173 miles travelled basically on the Carefree Highway.

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When was the last time you sat down with yourself? Had a deep talk with yourself? Connecting the parts of yourself that feel all over the place lately? When was the last time you took time to make sure you were okay? You did something that made you feel alive and happy? When was the last time you looked life in the eyes and said, “I’m doing this for ME!”

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here and there

There’s just something about traveling to a new state on a new road with sights I’ve never seen or heard of before that brings me the ultimate content. Every time I cross a state line I think to myself “You know, I really love it here”. Even if all I’ve seen is the road right in front of me and I’m passing by the welcome sign. I just love being somewhere new, with nothing but possibilities. When I’m standing on the border between here and there, it’s as though anything can happen or any wish can come true. I can be anybody I want to be for a day - and then when I’m tired of it I move on to something new. That’s why I love being on the road by myself and that’s why crossing new state lines maybe my favorite places in the world. Neither here or there, but the possibility of anywhere and everywhere.

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$10 disposable; priceless memories

Book a couple plane tickets with your best friend for a trip 6 months later.. Work like crazy and save every penny until then. Go and spend all that money you just worked for on priceless memories

Buy a disposable camera: carry it in your pocket like it’s your whole life. Anything that makes you feel a little thing in that second, take a photo. Then wait a month or two, to get that film developed and feel yourself back in those feelings and memories. Those one second feelings

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une lettre d'amour à Paris

The ultimate bucket list check off. It gave me goosebumps to be standing right infront of something you see so many pictures of. A sight you almost feel you know so well because you’ve seen it a million times. But like you’ll always hear - nothing compares to standing right there as a whole city screams as it lights up. Just such an awe inspiring moment. I cried knowing how that was such a once in a life time feeling. I’ll never see that for the first time again or feel that feeling again, it was so special. Knowing how that was such a moment in time.

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My TripsNiki Herring

After a really short flight from Iceland to Ireland we had finally landed in Dublin the start to our crazy week and a half in Ireland. Honestly I hadn’t heard or seen much about this beautiful country until a few months before when I found cheap tickets out of Iceland to here.

So when we first booked our tickets we knew we wanted to stay in the heart of Dublin for our first night to get the true Irish experience. We did just that by staying at Abbey Court Hostel - literally walking distance from everything. Touring all the bars, shops and cafes I realized one day in the city isn’t enough. There’s so much to see. After about 6 hours lost in the streets we got back to our hostel just in time for the pub crawl.

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“My confession is I fall in love with so many places I’m always half broken-hearted by goodbyes. And I don’t believe in non-attachment. There’s no passion inside of that. I believe in burning, in longing. And I believe we leave tiny pieces of ourselves in every place we’ve loved.”

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It’s crazy how at one point I had only seen photos and videos of all the beautiful places I was just now running through. Wanting to be there and making my own memories and photos.. And then 6 years later I made it happen. It all felt like a blink of an eye but when my eyes shut in between - it was a dream. Iceland has this crazy way of making you feel like you’re running through your own imagination. Where the coast meets mountains around every corner, being able to stand at the foot of a glacier casually, seeing waterfalls that spray a mist on you from the second you step foot out of your car.

Iceland is just a crazy vast dreamland of every nature scene you could ever come up with.

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