ME // The real me

"On days where I've been unable to leave my bed your words could turn my day upside down. I don't know why exactly, there are so many inspirational pages out there. I think it's because you are so real, you show the bad stuff too."

-A very very very kind and overwhelming message I got from a follower of mine last week

I read this and didn't know how to reply for awhile.. I just sat there and honestly stared at my phone, tears in my eyes, no words to put together and a wave of feelings that I can't explain.

I never knew that me being honest, about life, about my feelings and about myself would be inspiring. But sometimes I forget how fake the world can feel, how fake people can feel.

I don't know how to personally just share a photo and go. Because everything happening in that photo is more than just a photo, it's a memory; a feeling. Sometimes ones that I feel are so special they aren't worth sharing. Just so simply for the reason none of you guys could feel what I did in that moment. So when my words can make other people feel, it's just honestly such a surreal feeling. Because honestly, I don't know how to do anything but just be me. And by that I mean the real me. I'm not good at hiding my feelings or keeping my thoughts to myself. I'm a very open book. I speak my mind exactly as it comes, no matter if it does seem a little personal or too much.

The only thing that ties us together as humans is feelings, thoughts, words and places. Why wouldn't we all want to share that?

So when I asked myself a few months ago what it was I was necessarily "creating" when it came to photos or why I wanted to share them.. I sat there for a good amount of time.

"To make people feel"

"To let people know, no matter their wildest dreams they aren't crazy"

"To remind people they are never alone because we all share the same thoughts"

"To show people this beautiful world incase they can't get out to see it. Or inspire them to see it"

"To have people feel the passion I put into each photo or story I share"

It was a million different things of why I wanted to share my life. But the biggest one that I underlined, highlighted, circled and made bold was "to be real".

Last year I felt myself falling into that social media high. You know that one when you're obsessed with getting all the likes, making sure you have over a hundred comments? But for what? To show a number?


When I noticed myself not posting some of my favorite memories because I was scared of what other people would think. Or I wouldn't post my long and sincere captions because I didn't think people would read them.. That's when I asked myself what I was creating for.

And I dug and dug, until I felt I found the answer. To be real. That might sound dumb to you guys because it's always important to be yourself. But the reality of things is that sometimes it feels hard to be genuine. Instagram portrays this vision that everything is always perfect, that everyone and anybody can travel and that it will always be butterflies and rainbows. But like everything in life, it's not. So why would I lie to you guys personally and say that?

I will always be me. The real me. So this post is just to say thank you honestly. For the other authentic people following along on my journeys. You guys always give me the strength to be honest.

I encourage you all to do the same.. You never know how much just simply being you, can help someone.

From the bottom of my heart

Thank you always, for your time spent along on my adventures


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