Looking back at my roadtrip..

Looking back, I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks now. That anticipation and fear of being alone on the road made my trip come up so fast. And then that excitement and restlessness made the trip go by so fast when I was on it.

I'm just now starting to sit down and really look back to reflect on it. And wow.

All I could possibly say from it is that I wish so badly you could bottle up moments or feelings and lock them up, put them away and open them on a day when you're in need. In need of a little reminder of what it's like to be fully alive.

The whole trip I just remember this feeling, one I've been trying to describe. So I can simply feel it again. But it's been impossible honestly. It was something I've never experienced.

I think it was because I had done nothing like this before. It was getting out of my comfort zone completely, it was letting myself feel fear and not running from it.

It's a feeling, I want. No NEED you guys to all experience. At least once in your life.

I need you guys to just go, go do whatever it is that makes you happy. That thing you've been putting off for awhile, telling yourself that you can do it later or you could save a little bit more money for. I need you all to forget about all of that, clear your mind and GO.

This is that sign you've been waiting for

It wasn't until I was actually in Montana when it hit me, I was driving on the longest road of my life. And I just literally went "HOLY SHIT" because I was in Montana. See, I got in my car after work on a Tuesday night at 5PM drove to Idaho, slept and got up and made my way to Montana. I never once really was thinking about it (the best part about my trip since I tend to overthink). I was just going. Going with the flow of things, going with life, going the way I wanted to. And it was the most powering and freeing feeling I've ever felt. Knowing how life is in the grasp of our hands, how we have full control of it. And how we also have full accountability for it if we're not happy or doing what we want.

I just had a moment. A moment of realization that I was, for once doing something I wanted myself to do. Since I just allowed myself and let myself go. I didn't let anybody hold me back, especially myself. And it was the best damn trip I could have ever imagined. Even better.

It's cliche but it made me really remember the purpose as to why I go on trips, why I take photos and why I want to share it with all of you. To simply inspire.

I got back from my trip and one of my followers had messaged me it started off with something like "I've been following your account for awhile now and it wasn't until I saw you go on your solo trip that I made the move to do mine!" I broke out in tears. Me? I did that? I was at a loss for words, I always get very kind comments and messages but this one in particular just made me really motivated. Motivated to create more, to share more and to try and inspire more. So I absolutely can't wait to share with you guys all of the plans and creative projects I have planned for the next couple months. But for now since I have absolutely no words left I'm going to share something with you in my next post called a "Photo diary" - Something I've been wanting to put to life for awhile now. I always take so many photos, meaning a lot of them go unseen but they all really show my adventures and feelings more than any words so I'm going to be throwing those in every so often as well. Hope you guys enjoy that!

I can't wait to keep you guys all updated as well throughout the way, since that's one thing I'm trying to do more of!

As always thank you so much for always following along on my adventures

Lots of love


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