My worst month ever

Let's see.. The past month has probably been the most chaotic but beautiful month of my life.

To get very real with you guys, all of July I battled depression and anxiety far worst than I have the past years. It stemmed from me getting in a pretty bad car accident, where my car got completely totaled on the freeway.

This has held me back so much. Keeping me from a week road trip I had planned for that week, not being on my own time schedule especially for hiking, I haven't been able to drive freely through the mountains by myself in a month.

I feel trapped some days, knowing I literally can not do anything in this situation when all I want is to be free. It's the worst thing, not being in control of a situation that is taking such a big toll on your life.

But I will say it's made me learn a lot and appreciate all that I get to do in life so much more now that I don't get to do it as easily.

Throughout July I went on some of the most beautiful adventures I've gone on, took some of my most favorite photos that I can't wait to share, grew a connection deeper with myself and nature, discovered the genuine people in my life. And most importantly I got through it. Something I didn't think I'd be able to do at the beginning.

Can't wait to share all of my latest adventures and journal entries with you guys in the following posts.

Again thank you for those who have been consistently following along and for those who reached out to me the past few weeks. Your guys support and kind words is what keeps me going and what keeps me wanting to share all of my travels.

Thank you,

With all my heart

xoxo Niki

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