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I talked to the guy more he goes “Man what I would do to be your age running wild again with no worries I feel like time is so limitless your age” - They had just bought a motorhome and were from Texas making their all the way up to Alaska. As he was saying all of that he said my exact thought “The type of roadtrip you want to do when you’re young though”.. He elaborated more talking about how they just sold some unnecessary home items and eventually their home to see the world more before they pass away. “I wish I would have done it when I was your age, your condition, your mindset. Just what I would do to be your age again” His wife thought he was annoying me because she tried pulling at him. Luckily she did though, because he was pulling at the heart strings honestly.

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30 minutes passed and he came back through after walking around and taking photos, he goes “So what exactly is your end goal?” Me “I mostly went on this trip for Colorado so I guess that’s the end goal” he goes “no no no, the end goal of this trip. Are you searching for something? Running wild and rebelling? Trying to meet people? Wanting to take photos? What made you want to really go?” I remember kind of sitting there blank minded but also a million thoughts running through my head at the same time and him leaving with “write it down when you find out what it is” so I wrote down those questions, those comments and that whole conversation in my journal. It felt deeper than it needed to be probably.

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