$10 disposable; priceless memories


Do yourself a favor..

Book a couple plane tickets with your best friend for a trip 6 months later.. Work like crazy and save every penny until then. Go and spend all that money you just worked for on priceless memories

Buy a disposable camera: carry it in your pocket like it’s your whole life. Anything that makes you feel a little thing in that second, take a photo. Then wait a month or two, to get that film developed and feel yourself back in those feelings and memories. Those one second feelings

Live off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a couple weeks, buy too many gas station snacks

Stay out drinking and dancing until the sun rises

Live out of a backpack

Wear the same clothes for a week straight

Meet new people everywhere you go

Laugh a lot

Cry a little bit

And don’t forget to slow down time, to put the camera away. To really feel yourself in that moment, that one in a life time moment.

To make priceless memories..

This life is all about the stories. And you’re the writer.



London and Paris




“How long is forever?

Sometimes just one second.”

-Alice in Wonderland